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FAQ User

What are my privacy settings?
This page contains a group of privacy settings controls for your account, such as who can send you friend requests and messages. For everything else that you share on The Tattooed,tattoo social network, you can choose your privacy settings right when you post.
How to manage privacy?
To manage privacy settings go to Account » Privacy Settings, located on the top menu on the right.
How to manage notifications?
Go to Account » Privacy Settings to set whether to get email notifications when another member is interacting with you in some way (pm, comment, etc.)
How to manage your account data?
How to add About me, Interests and Details?
To manage your profile, go to the My Profile tab on the main menu.

- Go to My Profile » Edit Profile
- Enter what you want and click Update.
How to reset my password on login?
If you forget your password, click the Forgot password and you will be sent a confirmation email asking if you want to reset your password. Click the link in the email to confirm that you want to change the password. Insert your password into the Login password box.
How to add friends?
The easiest way to add friends with someone is to click Members in the main menu. You will see a listing of the members. you will see Add to friends. Click that and a friend request will be sent. You can also go to a member's profile page and send a friend request from there by clicking Add to friends on the right of their profile page. Some places on the site you can mouseover a members profile photo and click Add Friend on the popup.

FAQ Pages

How do I create a new FanPage?
The best part of The Tattooed,tattoo social network is setting up and creating fanpages! All you have to do is to click on FanPages/Groups which is on the main menu on the top of the page.

Click on +Create a FanPage/Group which is on the top right corner of the page.
Select what type of FanPage/Group you own by clicking the box that your FanPage type will be.
Choose a category that your FanPage belongs to via the Category dropdown tab.
Enter in your FanPages's name in the relevant text box.
Click on Get Started, where you will then be able to edit your FanPage.
How do I edit my FanPage?
In your Edit FanPage at the bottom left of your fanpage, after clicking on that,there will be a few links available on the main menu at the top of the fanpage.

This allows you to edit your Pages type and name.

You can enter in any information about your Pages that you would like to talk about. Just type into the relevant text box, and when you are done, you can click on Update

You can upload your Pages's photo via this link. Click on Choose file to upload a photo of your Pages from your computer. Once you have selected the photo, click on Upload photo

You can control who gets to see your Pages and other privacy settings via this link.

You can invite your friends to like your fanpage by clicking on each one of them,then clicking the Send Invitations button.

is so you can a an vanity url for your fanpage. Enter what you want the vanity url to be and click Check Url.

is for you to add other members to also be administrators of your fanpage.

is to add an widget to your fanpage.

is where you can add your location to a map.

FAQ Photo

How to change my profile photo?
To change your profile photo, click the My Profile button on the main menu to go to your profile

mouseover your profile photo and a popup comes up saying Change Photo click on that to go to profile photo upload. - Click Browse to search your computer for a .jpg, .gif or .png image to upload.
Select the image you want and click Upload Picture. Also on the left on the Home page,where it says Add, Share and Upload you can select Upload Profile Photo from there. or you can just go to your photos and on mouseover click the arrow and click Make Profile Picture to change any of your photos to your profile photo. You will have to crop your profile photos,Click and drag your mouse over the original photo until you are happy with the way the photo is cropped.
Once you are happy with the way the photo looks in the preview section, click on Save avatar.
How to upload photos?
It is very easy to upload photos on The Tattooed,tattoo social network. Just click on Upload Photos dropdown tab on the Photos menu or click on the Upload a Photo on the left Home page under Add, Share and Upload You will then be brought into a new page where you are given options to:
Select or create a new album that you want your photo to be in
Select the category of your photo
Select and upload the photo from your computer.
Your photo will automatically be uploaded once you select a photo from your computer and select Open.
How to upload profile photo?
On your profile page,mouseover your profile photo and click the Change Photo that pops up. Or go to your Photos page of your uploaded photos and mouse over on any photo that you want as your profile photo.
Click on the arrow that would appear on the top right of your picture
Select Make Profile Picture.
You will have to crop your profile photo.
How to delete photos?
It is very easy to delete a photo that you do not want. All you need to do is mouse over a photo thumbnail that you do not want anymore, click on the arrow sign that appears on the top right of the thumbnail, and select Delete photo. A pop up will appear asking you for confirmation.
How to like and comment on photos?
You can comment on your photos or your friend's photos simply by clicking on the text box below each photo.
If you want to like a photo, click on like which is below each photo.

FAQ Video

How do I add videos on The Tattooed,tattoo social network?
There are two ways you can add videos, share a videos from another sites or upload video from your computer.To upload a video, you can either click on Upload/Share a video which is under the Quick Links panel on the left hand side of the home page, or click on Video which is underneath the Activity Feed panel in the middle of the page.

Once you click on Upload/Share a video, you will be taken to a new page where you can upload a video file on your computer (via File Upload).
Give a title for your video underneath Video Title
You can select the category to which your video belongs to by clicking on the category tab
Give your video a short description via the Description text box and you can 'tag' your videos via the Topics box, separating multiple topics with commas
Upload the video from your computer by clicking on Select Video. You can upload a MPG, MPEG, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, M4V, WEBM, OGV, MKV or MTS file. Max file size: 10M
How do I share videos from other sites?
To share a video, you can either click on Upload/Share a video which is on the top right of the video page, or click on Upload/Share a video which is below Add, Share and Upload on the Home page.

Once you click on Upload/Share a video, you will be taken to a new page where you can paste a file URL (via Paste URL) from another website such as Youtube or Vimeo.
You can select the category to which your video belongs to by clicking on the category tab
If you have opted to paste a URL, there will be a text box underneath the category tab to paste the URL there.
Once you are done just click Add.
How do I manage the privacy of the videos that I share or upload?
To manage the privacy of your video, you can do so while uploading or sharing the video URL.

While uploading or sharing the video, you can control who can see the video via the privacy settings tab.
You can control who can comment on your video via the comment privacy settings tab.
How do I like, rate or comment on videos?
Underneath every video that you post or your The Tattooed,tattoo social network friends post, there will be three links which are Like, Comment, and Share.

To like a video, just click on Like underneath the video and a thumbs up sign will show up. Your friend will be notified when you like his or her videorn
To comment on a video, click on Comment, and you will automatically be taken to the comment textbox.rn
If you are allowed to share your friend's video, you can click on the Share link and share it on your newsfeed with your other friendsrn
To rate a video, click on the stars on the right hand side of the page, which is underneath the video. You can select 1 up to 5 stars, 1 being the worst, and 5 being the best.
How do I mark videos as a sponsor?
You will be able to sponsor a video on The Tattooed,tattoo social network. This is available at a small fee and the link will appear on the side bar on the right hand side of the Video page

FAQ Forum

How to access the forum?
You can click on the Forum menu or click on the name of the forum to see the threads, or on the Last Post to view the most recent post.
How to add new thread?
To add a thread, click New Thread found at the top left of the forum you are viewing. Add a title for your thread. Post content in the message area. Put tags for your thread for easier searching. Add a poll if you wish. Submit it when done.
How to thanks the writer?
If you like a post that you are reading, you can give the writer thanks by clicking the like link at the bottom of that post.
How to reply to a post?
If you want to respond to a post just type your response in the Quick Reply area at the bottom of the screen. Post Quick Reply will post the reply.
How to subscribe and unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe or subscribe from threads in the Thread Tools link at the top of the forum thread.

FAQ Points

How does it work?
The Tattooed,tattoo social network points are a pretty simple concept. You earn points for doing stuff. It's pretty cool!
How to earn points?
There are two ways to earn points:

Invite Friends. For each friend that accepts your invite, you receive 10 points. No limit. Want 100 points, get 10 friends to join! Want 1,000, dig into your address book!
Be active on The Tattooed,tattoo social network publishing content, for each of this action you can earn from 1 to 10 points.
Pretty easy, don't you think? The more points the better!
How many points do i receive?
Here's a list of how many Activity points you can receive.

Activity points received when adding a new attachment for an item. [1 ]
Activity points received when adding a new blog. [5 ]
Activity points received when adding a new comment. [5 ]
Activity points received that the invitee and the inviter will receive upon a successfully request. [10 ]
Activity points received when uploading a new image. [10]
Activity points received when adding a poll award. [2 ]
Activity points received when adding a new quiz. [2 ]
Activity points received when adding a video. [10 ]
Activity points received when adding a new listing? [1]
Activity points received when creating a new page. [5 ]
Activity points received when you add a new event. [2 ]
How to purchase activity points?
How you can purchase points.

On the Home page by your profile photo it will have Account Info·Activity Points()·Edit Profile·Profile Views. Click the activity points and in the drop down click purchase activity points. a box opens that says [How many points would you like to purchase?] select how many you wish to purchase. You can only purchase points with paypal at this time.
How to gift points to another member?
Gift points to another member.

Go to the members profile page. On the right upper corner you will see [Send Message|Hug] and a dropdown arrow. Click the arrow and select Gift Points. Enter how many points you wish to give that member the click Gift Points button.

FAQ Event

How to create an event?
If you have a event which you wish to organize, the easiest way to inform all your friends about it is to create an event on The Tattooed,tattoo social network. Select Event on the menu. Click on +Create new event which is on the top right hand corner of the page. You can then fill in details of the event that you are planning. You can select which category your event belongs to under the Category tab. Fill in the event that you are planning and tell your friends of the details of your party or meet-up under Descriptions. You can then select the date and time of the start of the event. As an optional feature, you can also fill in the time when the event ends. Click on Add end time and select the date and time of the end of the event. Fill in the location venue in the relevant text box. If you wish to be more detailed, select Add Address/City/Zip/Country and fill in the address details in the relevant text boxes that will pop up. You can control who can see the event via the event privacy settings tab. You can control who can share your event via the share privacy settings tab. Once you are done, just click Submit.

FAQ Marketplace

How do I buy things on Marketplace?
1. Select Marketplace which is on the left hand panel on your profile page. You will then be able to see items for sale in the main page of the Marketplace.
You can click on the different categories of items available on the left hand side panel in the Marketplace. They are largely divided into categories and subcategories.
You can also type in keywords of items that you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the page.
You can customize your search via the Location filter which is on the right of the search bar.
You can also sort the items that appear by latest, most liked or most discussed via the Sort filter.
You can customize how many items you can see in one page via the View filter.
You can customize to sort the listings by the time they were published via the When filter.
How do I sell things on Marketplace?
1. You can create a new listing for your item on Marketplace by selecting +Add new listing which is on the top right hand corner of the Marketplace page.
Select the category your item belongs to via the category tab.
Name your item and give a short description of your item in the relevant text boxes.
You can elaborate a bit more and add more details of your item such as the colour, function and measurements in the Description box.
Fill in the currency and price of your item.
Select the location where you are selling from via the location tab.
Additionally, you can also add the city and postcode that you are in by clicking on Add city/zip.
You can control who gets to view your listing via the listings privacy tab.
You can control who gets to comment on your listing via the comment privacy tab.
Once you are done and happy with your listing, click Submit.

FAQ Mail

How to read a private message?
To access your PM (mail) click the link on the main menu, Message. You will be brought to your inbox as a default and it will show your messages there.
Click on a message subject to open the message to read it.
How to reply on a private message?
There is a reply box below the message (after you've opened it to read it). Type your response in this box if you want to respond and then click Send to send the response.
How to write new private message?
To compose a message you can either click Compose to the right of your message list or click Compose found in the Message tab on the main menu.

When composing a message, click To to bring up a list of members for you to select the one you want to send the message to. Select one or more members to send the message to and then click Use Selected. Type your subject in the subject box. Type your message in the message box. When done, click Send or Preview if you want to preview the message before sending it.

FAQ Tattooed Friends

How to play the game?
The game involves buying other members with your tattooed friend cash. A tattooed friends value increases whenever they are purchased. Your cash and total wealth increases when your tattooed friends are bought from you. To play just click the "Add Me!!" button.
How do i purchase or trade activity points for cash?
On the game below your cash you have,a button that says "Get Cash,Trade Points Or Purchase Points" click that button and in the popup enter how much cash you want to trade for based on how many points you have. At the bottom of the popup it says "To Purchase activity points click Here". click the blue highlighted "Here". In the next popup you can purchase how ever many points you want.
How much cash can i get per activity point trade?
1 point = $10 tattooed friends cash.

FAQ Profilepicker

How to use Profilepicker?
Click on the profile background theme you want as your profile background. SelectProfileorFanpage which ever one you want the background to appear on,then click the Choose button. You will be taken to your profile or fanpage with your background added.
How to change the profile background i have to another one?
Go to the Profilepicker and select the background theme you want to change to and click the Choose button. It will change to your new background.
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