Tattooed Olympians

So many of the athletes at the 2012 olympics in London had tattoos. Some had the olympic rings tattooed on them. There were a lot of negative talk about the Olympians having tattoos. Even though tattoos are more acceptable now than a few years back. If it was ten years or longer ago,then i could see all the negative talk from people,but not now. I guess it just shows how many narrow minded and religious people still don't accept tattoos in todays world and society. People think that the Olympic athletes shouldn't have tattoos,but there were a lot of them with tattoos and that really brought all the attention from the haters. But that just shows them that so many people have tattoos now days and they just need to accept it. Just think of all the athletes at the next summer olympics that will be showing their tattoos. A lot more.

i agree with that.
  • August 16, 2012 4:40 pm
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